De enige echte Masterbeef Zoutvlees Bizon van de Masterbeef verpakking Sranang Wang afbeelding

What is Masterbeef?

Masterbeef is the original Surinam saltmeat, also known as Sowtu Metie or Carnisa, Surinam's most popular meat product. To make Masterbeef, we use a unique salting and maturation process with a secret mix of special Surinam ingredients. In this process, only the meat of bulls selected especially for this purpose is used. Masterbeef is available in vacuum 250 gram packets, and in 1, 2 and 12,5 kg buckets.

Preparation Masterbeef Saltmeat

Cook Masterbeef for 10-30 minutes in plenty of water to desalt it.
Then rinse thoroughly with cold water and cut into thin strips or cubes.
After this, it can be used in any dish you like.
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Where can you buy Masterbeef?

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Zoutvlees (Sowtu Metie) Vacuum 250 gram
Masterbeef Zoutvlees (Sowtu Metie) 1 kg
Masterbeef Zoutvlees (Sowtu Metie) 2 kg
Masterbeef Zoutvlees (Sowtu Metie) 12,5 kg
Masterbeef Zoutvlees (Sowtu Metie) GOLD 12,5 kg
Surinam Trafasie 360 ml (Roerbakmix ontwikkeld voor Masterbeef)
Bakkeljauw Trafasie 360 ml
Kousenband Trafasie 360 ml
Pom Trafasie 360 ml
Zoutvlees Trafasie 360 ml
Salt meat is also known as...
Saltmeat, salted meat, salt-cured meat, salt beef, pickled beef, pickled meat, corned beef

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